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Image of Hand-Dipped, Back~Flow Incense Cones

Hand-Dipped, Back~Flow Incense Cones


I hand-make this incense, in small batches, using all-natural charcoal cones made from wood from the Joss Tree and Bamboo. These charcoal cones are MUCH cleaner burning than wood pulp cones and create less smoke. The fragrance release is also cleaner because the charcoal has already been burned once. These superb quality cones are clean burning -- no toxic fumes, and no burnt after-scent! Each cone burns for about 30 minutes. These are super big 2" cones. Super cool.

*** If you don't have a backflow incense burner, check my shop because I usually have some available for purchase!

> Each packet contains 13 back-flow cones in a push-out box.

> These are extra-large, back-flow cones. If you don't have a back-flow incense burner, you can always burn them in a regular "cone safe" burner. To really get the cool, back-flow visuals, the burner should be in a totally draft-free place.

> ALL the fragrance oils that I use in my shop (body, bath, wax, and incense!) are Phthalate-Free.

My Incense Catalog Scents:

>>> Tante Marie
-- Vanilla, Butter, Bourbon, Orange Peel, Caramel, Pecans, Wafts of Wood Smoke

(Tante Marie was a woman who sold pralines on Royal Street in New Orleans. There is some history here:

>>> Hoia Baciu Forest
-- Dragon’s Blood Resin, Cypress, Moss, Bayberry, and Ancient Spruce Trees

The inspo for this blend is the Hoia Baciu Forest, just outside Cluj-Napoca, in the depths of Transylvania. It has been called the creepiest forest in the world.

>>> Sacred Grounds
-- Roasted Coffee Grounds, Vanilla Bean Infused Cream, Chocolate Covered Hazelnut Pralines, Palo Santo Smoke, Cedar Wood, and Amber --

>>> Golden Bough
-- Warm, Sensual, Resinous Oud with a Light, Cleansing Cedarwood and Golden Amber

>>> Now is the Winter of our Discontent
-- Creamy Vanilla Peppermint Candy, Crisp Green Leaves, Soft Musk, Dry Wood, and a Single Drop of Patchouli

>>> Bakasana
-- Palo Santo, Lemon Blossom, Cashmere, Butter, Toffee, Fluffy Vanilla Cake, & Cedar Wood

>>> Pink Dragon
A Warm Base of Dragon’s Blood, Cedar, and Clove with Sweet Zesty Lemon, Tangerine, and Watermelon Notes Dancing on the Top
(contains essential oils including cedarwood, patchouli, clove, and orange)

Safety Stuff:
- Always be aware that burning incense and incense ash is a fire hazard.
- Once lit, never leave incense unattended.
- Incense should always be used with an appropriate incense burner/holder.
- Be aware of the placement of burning incense next to flammable things.
- Be sure to burn incense in well-ventilated spaces.

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