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Image of Mojo Risin' ~ Hand-Dipped Essential Oil Incense

Mojo Risin' ~ Hand-Dipped Essential Oil Incense


Pure Essential Oil blend. These sticks are double-dipped (dipped once, left to dry, and dipped again) because I found that the strength was greatly improved by this method. This blend produces a VERY light smoke. This is a blend formulated with the intention of clearing out negativity and resetting your spiritual space.

Cedarwood - creating spiritual space, calming, and soothing
Cypress - blessing, consecration, and protection
Fir Needle - connecting with nature
Sage - cleansing of all negativity
Sichuan Pepper - protection and cleansing
Patchouli - prosperity, love, and passion
Vetiver - prosperity and grounding

Please use caution with essential oil products around our animal companions. Below are two links to some (very) basic guidelines. If you are concerned please ask your vet. and

Each packet contains 10 sticks.

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