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Wax Catalog by Season


Bakasana ~~
Palo Santo, Lemon Blossom, Cashmere, Butter, Toffee, Buttercream, Fluffy Vanilla Cake, & Cedar Wood
Bibliosmia ~~ Old Books, Worn Leather Covers, Printed Pages, Antique Desks, and Fresh Pencil Shavings
Cottage Hearth ~~ Warm Baked Goodness from a Cozy Kitchen: Fresh Quick Breads, Cobblers, Pies, with Simmering Fruit Jams and Chutneys
Cottage Witches Gather Herbs for Charms ~~ Pine, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Sage, Mandarin, a Hint of Grounding Vanilla
Dojo Doughnuts and Coffee ~~ Creamy Coffe and Strawberry Lavender Fritters Enjoyed During a Lovely Sunrise in Naples, Florida
Dulcerias de Miami ~~ Cinnamon, Sugar, Butter, Coconut Flakes, Crunchy Pistachios, Fluffy Vanilla Cake
Emotional Larceny ~~ Woodsy Vetiver, Bright Bergamot, Lemon Peels, Warm Amber Resin, Ripe Black Plums, Cherry Juice, Sandalwood, and Cracked Black Peppercorns
Gardening at Night ~~ Loamy Garden Soil, Moss, Night-Blooming Flowers, Midnight Mist, College Radio Playing in the Distance
Georgette’s Tea Room ~~ Strong Black Tea with Lemon, Crunchy Almond Biscuits, and Dainty Frosted Tea Cakes (formerly "Russian Tea Room")
Goodnight Moon ~~ This is a Light Sleepy-Time Blend of Lavender, Oats, Almonds,  and a Warm Cup of Milk
Her Name is Rio… ~~ Pistachio, Heliotrope, Exotic Musk, Sandalwood, Salted Caramel, Coconut Cream, Banana, Tonka Bean, Vanilla. Suntan Lotion Vibes 
Jaffa Cake ~~ Vanilla Cake with a Dollop of Orange Marmalade and Light Milk Chocolate Frosting
Peaches & Herb ~~ Juicy Peaches, Vanilla Sugar, Freshly Cut Herbs, are Groovin' Loose and Heart-to-Heart with Light Traces of Pine, Eucalyptus, and Orange Blossoms. Super Fresh, Sweet, Juicy, and Summer-esque to the Max 
Teddy Bear Picnic ~~ These Teddy Bears are having their picnic in a sun-dappled ancient forest. What are they eating? Sticky Pecan Waffles, Drizzled with Butter and Maple Syrup,  Little Lemon Cakes with Buttercream Icing, and Cold Iced Tea!
Pike Place - A Morning Mug, Amongst the Evergreens with Marine Mist in the Air
Whimsy Goth ~~ Dark Musk, Incense, Amber, Cedar, Bamboo, and Fruit Loops



Buffalo Stance
~~ Sweetgrass drying in the Warm Sun, Ceremonial Herbs, and the Lightest Lavender… this Beautiful Blend Invites the Good Spirits and Vibes of Early Summer
Café de Olla - Dark Roast Coffee, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Dark Chocolate, and Whipped Cream
Housekeeping ~~ Fresh Lemon Juice, Eucalyptus, and Garden Mint

Manic Pixie
~~ An Excessively Verdant Blend of Fresh Green Herbs Plucked Straight from an Overgrown Summer Herb Garden: French Thyme, Camphorous Rosemary, Peppery Sage, Tomato Leaves, Muddled Lemongrass, Chopped Basil, and Faint Traces of Mossy, Quirky, Mismatched Terracotta Pots
Pink Dragon ~~ A Warm Base of Dragon’s Blood, Cedar, and Clove with Sweet Zesty Lemon, Tangerine, and Watermelon Notes Dancing on the Top (contains essential oils including cedarwood, patchouli, clove, and orange)
Miss Anthrope ~~ Woody Haitian Vetiver, Ruby Red Pomegranate Juice, Spring Greenery,  and Tangerine Blossoms
Jammie Dodger ~~ Sweet, Sticky Raspberry Jam Baked Between Buttery Biscuits of Vanilla Shortbreadhan
Blueberry Sage Buns  ~~ Freshly Baked Bread, Melted Butter, Sweet Oats, Blueberries, Brown Sugar, Dalmatian Sage, and Fresh Thyme
Low Tide in (Key) Largo ~~ Sea Water, Dank Boat Dock Funk, Key Lime Zest, and Warm Sea Salt
Killer Queen ~~ Citron and Bergamot Swirled into Sticky Honey with a Warm Base of Tonka, Tobacco, and Oud
Pebbles ❤s Bam Bam ~~ Straight-Up Fruity Pebbles Combined with Creamy Rose Gelato and Vanilla. True Love!
Bad Bunny ~~ Lilac Flowers, Strawberry Spun Sugar, Dried Vetiver Stalks, Hemp, Dark Musk, and Freshly Cut Grass
Chocolate Cherry Chai ~~ Black Cherry Juice, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom Pods, Cloves, Allspice, Chocolate, and Vanilla Sweet Cream
Marie Antoinette ~~ Torn French Baguettes with Black Plum Jam, Lemon Tarts, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine Petals, Magnolia Petals, White Sandalwood, and, of course, Smashed White Cake
Madame du Barry ~~ Crumbled Almond Macrons, Ripe Black Raspberries,
Rose Petals, Peony Blossoms, Amaretto Liquor, and Skin Musk


Bonfire of the Vanities ~~ Roaring Beach Bonfire, Clove Cigarettes, Gin and Ginger Cocktails, Anise, Cinnamon, Mandarin Leaf, and Fig, Night Blooming Jasmine, Geranium, Rose & Sandalwood
~~ Just Baked Zucchini Quickbread, Fresh Strawberry Preserves, Whipped Cream
Puerto Sagua 
~~ Toasted  bread, slathered in butter, dunked in cafe con leche with wafts of tobacco still lingering on your hair from a night at Washington Square on Miami Beach
Water Sprites Protest Huge Multinational Corporations Ruining Their Beautiful Springs ~~ A Clean Aquatic (pure like the fresh, cold spring water from a freshwater Florida spring) with just a hint of the Limestone, Decaying leaves, and Lichens from the edge of the spring’s edge
Resist Psychic Death ~~ Pineapple, Fresh Grapefruit Slices, Sage, Vetiver, Palmarosa, the Teeniest Vanilla Base, Riot Grrrl Attitude
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil ~~ Cool Midnight Mist, Mossy Cypress, Gardenias, Jasmine, Wisps of Incense, Traces of Saffron and Amber, Graveyard Dirt, and a Dark, Chilling Presence
Jasmine Honeycomb ~~ Dripping Honey Comb, Jasmine Blossoms, Frankincense Resin, and Pink Peppercorns


Butter Brickle Dipped Pretzels ~~ Salty Pretzels Covered in Buttery Toffee Brickle
Dark Academia
~~ Teak Bookshelves, Leather Covered Books, Sandalwood, Amyris, Dark Musk, Smoke From an Ancient Stone Fireplace
Dirty Honey
~~ Honey, Bergamot, Amber, Tonka Bean, Tobacco Leaves, Rain Falling on Pavement and Dirt
Fall Forest Feels ~~ Cranberry, Citrus, Apple, Vanilla Sugar, Cinnamon, Pine Trees, and Lemon
Hope Chest ~~ An Antique Cedar Chest with Leather Straps, Cashmere Sweaters, a Wilted Corsage, Vanilla, and a Light Lingering Musk
Into the Woods ~~ Eucalyptus, Mint, Spruce, Moss, Evergreen, Cedar, Amber, and Caramelized Chestnuts

Raspberry Tarts on a Woodland Hike ~~ Delicious Raspberry Tarts Munched on a Hike in a Verdant Woodland Forest… Raspberries, Butter Crusts, Summer Saplings, Crunchy Leaves, Pine Needles
#PSL ~~ Basic? Yes. This scent is 100% house-blended because if I’m doing something this basic, it has to be good. And, let’s face it, most everyone really does want their house to smell like a pumpkin spice latte in the Fall. Freshly Brewed Coffee, Pumpkin Spices… you know the deal
Veneficum ~~ A Poisonous, but Beautiful, Dark Potion of Black Violet, Raspberry, Saffron Strands, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Bergamot, Lemon Peel, Dark Musk, Birch plus a sprinkle of Black Pepper for Protection
This Charming Man ~~ Bay Rum, Bergamot, Clove Tobacco, Light Florals, Hazelnut Coffee, Vanilla Bean, Amber, Oak Moss, a Slight Lingering of Burned Incense
Time for Mischief ~~ The scent opens with herbal top notes of French Thyme and Light Mandarin… but smell a little closer… there’s a darker base of Musk, Charred Maplewood, and a sprinkle of Black Pepper. But, wait, is that Gunpowder and a glass of Bourbon I smell? 
Ruby Gloom ~~ Light Dragon’s Blood Incense Mingles with a Glass of Absinthe, Juicy Blackberries, Currants, Weathered Teakwood from the Parlor, and New Leather Dr. Martens Boots
Stars Hollow ~~ Autumn Leaves, Apple Pear Compote, Evergreens, Crisp Peppermint, and Vanilla Musk
Smashing Pumpkins ~~ Fresh Pumpkin baked in a base of Brown Sugar, Molasses, and Vanilla, and sprinkled with Ginger, Allspice, Cinnamon, and Clove
Sweet Shepherdess ~~ Shea Butter, Amber, Cozy Cashmere, Cocoa Butter, Dry Wood, Light Musk, and Braids of Sweetgrass
Tante Marie ~~ Vanilla, Butter, Bourbon, Orange Peel, Caramel, Pecans, Wafts of Wood Smoke


Babushka ~~ Butter Baked Baked Plum Baklava with Honeyed Walnuts, Cinnamon Baked Apples with Orage Peels, Maple Cream, and a Shot of Bourbon
~~ Myrrh, Olibanum, Super Light Note of Patchouli, Dry Wood, Green Leaves, Ozone, Ripe Figs, Faint Jasmine
Bonfire Possets with Ruby ~~ Smoke, Pine Needles, Charred Wood, Sandalwood, and a Tall, Cold Glass of Puerto Rican Coquito
Butter Toffee Pumpkin Cupcake ~~ Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes Piled High with Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting, and Topped with Crunchy Butter Brickle
Fezziwig ~~ Peppercorn Spiked Pomanders, Cinnamon Sticks, Ginger Snap Cookies, Plum Honey, Vanilla Pods, Cedarwood, and Roasted Pinecones
Frost Moon ~~ Black Bergamot Tea with, Grated Nutmeg, Honey, Vanilla, and Cloves
Goblins Go A-Wassailing ~~ ​​Apple Cider, Red Currant, Cranberry, Orange Rind, Lemon, and Red Wine Carousing Drunkenly in a Dark Woodland
Hazy Shade of Winter ~~ Cypress, Fraser Fir, Buttercream Dipped Ginger Biscuits, Cinnamon, Cranberries, and Tangerines
Marshmallow Pine
~~ Blue Spruce, Moss, Eucalyptus, Marshmallow Fluff, Cedar Wood, Amber, and Sweet Min
To Nana’s House We Go! ~~ Warm Gingerbread with Creamy Vanilla Icing and Crunchy Candy Cane Bits
Witches go a Wassailing ~~ Merlot, Dark Cherries, Black Raspberry Cordial, Brandy Soaked Currants, Pear Brandy, Apple Cider, Cinnamon, and Lemon Zest
The Shining ~~ Bourbon, Oak, Butterscotch, Brown Sugar, Blue Sage, Amber, Tonka, Cedarwood, Snow Frosted Junipers, Smoke Embers, and Ozone
Thisbe ~~ Mulberry Wine, Rosemary, Green Floral, Eucalyptus, Pine, and Storm Clouds

Vanilla Mint Mallow Milkshake ~~ Sweet Vanilla, Almond Milk, Marshmallows, Whipped Cream, and Peppermint Bits
Cafe au Lait - My Custom Blend of Fresh Coffee, Vanilla Sugar, and Steamed Milk
The French Market - Cafe Du Monde Coffee, Caramelized Pecan Pralines, and Chantilly Cream
Mocha Mint Cappuccino - Rich, Minty, Chocolate Kissed Coffee, and Frothed Milk
Exit Through the Turnpike Giftshop ~~ 1980. Florida Turnpike Giftshop, About an Hour From Disney. Boxes and Boxes of Creamy Coconut, Orange, and Tangerine Patties.
Between the Worlds ~~ Mandarin, Cedar, Jasmine, Traces of Sandalwood Incense, Amber, Sensual Dark Musk
Flower Crown ~~ Fresh citrus with floral notes of jasmine, rose and lily based in a light, woody musk
Halcyon ~~ Cherry and Watermelon Jolly Ranchers, Pink Watermelon Lemonade, Grass Stains on Your Jeans, Cheap Incensey Roller-Ball Perfume From the Head Shop
Holiday Snack Tray in the Breakroom ~~ a four mini-bar pack that contains:
--- Dulceria + PSL Latte
--- Caramel Glazed Chestnuts
--- Fudge Dipped Pretzel Sticks
--- Peanut Toffee Brittle
Joie de Vivre ~~ Bright Citrus, New Growth in an Old Forest, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Vanilla, Musk
Just Like Honey ~~ Honey, Vanilla, Bergamot, Orange Blossom Honey, Tonka, Warm Amber, and Spices
La Vie en Rose ~~ Crunchy Rose-Water Macarons, Rich notes of Cream, Butter, and Coconut, a Woody Vetiver Base, and a Single Champagne Top-Note to keep it from becoming too cloying.  I see life through rose-colored glasses
Lorelei ~~ Crisp Ozone, Salty Sea Mist, Tropical Jasmine, and Exotic Island Orchids Flowering on Palm Trees
The Secret History ~~ Bowls of Autumn Pears, Snifters of Brandy, Old Leather-Bound Books Filled with Ancient Greek, Dark Musk, a Plate of Amanita Phalloides Mushrooms
Pirate Porridge ~~ Oatmeal Porridge with Way Too Many Rum Soaked Raisins, Drizzled with Brown Sugar, a Salty Sea Breeze
Serendipity ~~ Nutty, Creamy, Minty Hot Cocoa
Sugar Shock ~~ Sour Patch Kids, Gummy Worms, Vanilla Cupcakes Heaped with Buttercream and Fistfuls of Fruity Breakfast Cereal, and a visit to the dentist looming on the horizon
Winter Solstice 2020 ~~ Juicy Brandied Pears, Faint Pine, Cheerful Fireplace Smoke, Clove Studded Oranges
#13 Baby ~~ Earthy Saffron, Cedar, Boughs of Fir, Ambergris, Ritual Incense Smoke, and Jasmine
Love Apples on the Vine ~~ Juicy Apples and Oranges Lead, and then Give Way to Spicy, Verdant Tomato Leaves and Ripening Fruit on the Vine 
La Ventanita - Strong, Black Cuban Coffee just like you would get at the little coffee windows that are on every street in Miami!
Blacklight Poster ~~ Sticky Hashish, Tobacco, Grape Bubble Gum, Closet Dust, and Dude, OMG, I think my Mom is Home… Act Cool. Okay?
Deluge ~~ Earthy Geosmin. Pure Petrichor. A Storm is Brewing.

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